Arbora and its partners send our best wishes to all our clients, colleagues and friends during these difficult times. We remain open for business during the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to provide career transition and coaching support remotely, respecting all the guidance and restrictions on physical gatherings. We are here when you need us.

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We are a global organisation that brings together over 30 career firms across 5 Continents.
We support organisations through change and transformation.
We are passionate about people and their careers.
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We help organisations successfully manage redundancy programmes. By working with Arbora, you can be sure that you will minimise the risk and successfully achieve your business goals. Whether you need support in one Country or across multiple regions, Arbora members will be your trusted partner locally. By taking great care of your people, we add value to your business in 4 key ways:
    1. Maintain Productivity – by maintaining the engagement and commitment of those staff who are remaining in your business, as well as those that are leaving, we ensure productivity is unaffected through periods of change.
    2. Protect your Brand – By demonstrating that you are true to your values and socially responsible, you can mitigate any reputational damage associated with redundancies.
    3. Minimise the risk of legal challenge – By providing outplacement support over and above any statutory requirement, legal challenges resulting from dismissal will be drastically reduced.
    4. Reduce Costs – By involving Arbora in the change process we can help you reduce costs. Organisations that provide outplacement typically realise a 30% reduction in costs attributed to ineffective processes and people management during a redundancy programme.
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As organisations become flatter and more agile, traditional career development is more challenging for organisations to deliver. Arbora helps organisations and individuals navigate their way through the complexity of the new world of work. Our career management programmes are tailored to each individual circumstance but, typically, we will help your people in the following ways:
    1. Goals – where do they want to get to in their career?
    2. Role – what roles do they need to consider to achieve their career goals?
    3. Lifestyle – are their career goals aligned with their life outside work?
    4. Development – what additional experience, skills and knowledge will enable them to achieve their goals?

Coaching and Development

Individual and Team Coaching Around the world, we support Leaders in their pursuit of excellence. Robust methodologies and great Coaches mean we can support individuals and teams anywhere in the World. Our programmes and Coaches can help improve your business in 4 key ways:
    1. Reaching the next level – Developing your Leaders of tomorrow
    2. Improving Performance – Achieving more value through your people
    3. Making the right career choices – Ensuring you have the right people in the right roles for the right reasons.
    4. Building stronger teams – Creating clarity, cohesion and purpose.

Assessment – we can provide comprehensive assessment support for recruitment, development and redundancy projects including online assessment administration, 360° and assessment centre design and delivery

Change Management – Everything we do is connected with change. Arbora has a long history of helping organisations lead, develop and transition people through times of transformation. We devise and deliver bespoke solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.


Nicola Pohlen at Pohlen Partners
Fernando at Grupo Persona
Mike Burgneay at Chiumento Ltd
Staffan Kurten at HRM Partners


Where in the world are we? Find your local contact…


Hello and welcome from Nicola Pohlen at Pohlen Partners, New Zealand

Our business has a national presence in Career Services integrated with Talent Sourcing. We grow careers in partnership with businesses and individuals through personalised engagement and a keen knowledge of today’s employment market. Offering outplacement, career development and career management services that are tailor-made and empower career ownership, our 20 years of successful delivery is confirmed by customer testimonies on our website.

We were proud to be selected as the exclusive New Zealand partner for Arbora over 15 years ago.

This is an appealing alliance for customers who value the benefits of our global reach that gives access to quality and aligned services delivered seamlessly across borders. Confidence in partner expertise and knowing the requirement of each client is met with the same attentive service level as through our business, has been demonstrated time and again over these years.

The value of Arbora membership for our business, that we then apply to each project, is highlighted through transparent sharing of local knowledge, experience and insight across regions. It is energising to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs who are driven by passion, innovation and results.


As Arbora´s Spanish partner, Grupo Persona strongly believes in the social purpose we all share: providing an excellent quality service, results oriented, during which it is probably the most delicate moment for both the client company and the professionals that are exiting from it.

Our focus is to increase the professional´s level of employability, working on his or her development through a combination of four factors: seniority expertise, personal customization, data-driven processes and applied technology together with a constant focus on innovation and effective market access.

Arbora Global represents Grupo Persona´s window to the global market and it allows us to manage job seeking processes in several countries at once, for a person or group of people. Furthermore, Arbora provides a best practice international framework that makes it unique. It comprises companies founded by entrepreneurs that have become benchmarks in their local markets due to what they do differently. A difference based on making our client´s life easier and bringing more value to the professionals we work with.

We feel privileged to be part of the Arbora Global network and the value that it brings to our international clients.


Hi,I’m Mike Burgneay, MD of Chiumento Ltd.

I run Chiumento’s outplacement business. We’ve made our reputation in the UK by combining the benefits of digital transformation with the best of traditional service. We can boast a long list of ‘firsts’ in our industry and are one of only 2% of companies in the UK that can boast to be Investors in People Gold employers. We see it as the ultimate proof that we practice what we preach!

We’ve been part of Arbora for over 15 years and are be proud to be the UK partner. For our clients, it means that we can provide a global capability via our trusted and respected Arbora partners. I would have no hesitation in recommending any one of my partners and have enjoyed collaborating on single assignments as well as multinational projects.

On a personal level, it’s great to spend time with like-minded, innovative and passionate business leaders. Expanding our knowledge and broadening horizons is a good thing and Arbora is a brilliant way of doing that. I also think there is an Arbora ‘DNA’ that is based around mutual respect and integrity where the client always comes first. There’s an openness and willingness to share best practice that, in my view, strengthens all our businesses.

I feel privileged to be a member of the Global Board of Arbora.