The Healthy Organisation and Workforce Planning

By Pohlen Partners, the Arbora team in New Zealand

We see significant opportunity in 2023 for the business community to lead the way in developing healthy organisations where a people centred approach is applied to all elements of work. This year businesses will continue to evolve and respond to both internal and external influences, resetting their organisation design and planning a workforce to align their talent resource with changing organisational needs.

Global and local factors of economic challenge and industry disruption are prevalent, an environment in which organisations are balancing varying phases of the business life cycle. While in every economy some businesses will be reducing employee numbers, others will be expanding and actively seeking the talent they need to ensure success. Internally there may be complexity with organisations concurrently managing contracting business units alongside others that are growing as well as the establishment of new business ventures. These dynamics are providing opportunity for reconsideration of approaches to recruiting, redeploying and upskilling teams.

In evaluating talent there is continued interest in transferrable skills applicable to the contemporary workplace which for our New Zealand and Australian clients include –

  • Adaptive leadership
  • Innovation and strategic thinking
  • Numerical and data literacy
  • Curiosity and learning agility
  • Communication and influence
  • Commercial judgement and problem solving
  • Resilience

Within this commercial setting, leaders and teams are blending a people centred approach to ensure a healthy organisation integrating priorities of an engaged workforce, customer satisfaction and financial performance.

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