Making HR available from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea – four Nordic career firms join forces and are ready to take the next step

Whether placed in Finland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark, international companies now have the
opportunity to offer their Nordic employees tailored career and HR services across borders. Arbora
Nordic is a collaboration between four Nordic career firms that offer a unified approach to
outplacement, career services as well as leadership development.

A true Scandinavian way
Across the world, the Scandinavian way is a synonym for open and democratic values, a low level of
hierarchy in companies and a well-functioning flexicurity model in the labour market. From afar, it
may seem that the Nordic countries have more in common than what sets them apart, and
therefore specialized career and HR offerings, tailored to each country, are unnecessary.
However, for those companies operating across the Nordic borders, it quickly becomes clear that
there are significant differences within the respective labour markets, despite the number of traits
that unite the Nordic region.

Until now, multinational companies operating in Scandinavia have had very limited options to
address classic career issues for employees in different Nordic countries: most companies have
chosen to find local career firms in each country with substantial differences in the offerings to
employees or doing it in-house.

Now there is a third solution: Arbora Nordic is a collaboration between HR Huset in Norway,
Aventus in Sweden, Konsulenthuset ballisager in Denmark, and in Finland HRM Partners – who are
a part of Hanken&SSE executive education. All four companies have extensive experience in career
and HR services and offer meetings both online as well in their physical offices (in due accordance
with local COVID-19 restrictions).

The four companies in Arbora Nordic offer outplacement, leadership development, and career
services. Within 72 hours of initial contact, companies will receive a parallel offer from Helsinki in
the East to Bergen or Esbjerg in the west.

“We have spent substantial time assuring that our four companies share the same competencies
and values so multinational companies and their employees will experience the same level of
professionalism across borders, regardless if they need help with outplacement or leadership
development”, explains CEO Morten Ballisager from Konsulenthuset Ballisager in Denmark.
CEO Klaes Ekmark from Aventus in Sweden elaborates: “We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. We
know that every company, every country, and every industry need an individual approach. However,
we also know that if HR-offers such as outplacement to employees across countries vary too much,
it reflects badly on management. Therefore, we have joined forces in Arbora Nordic to offer the best
of both worlds. Local knowledge but still ensuring an equal level of professionalism across countries
and of course agility as well as fast results.”

Combined, Arbora Nordic covers the entire Nordic region and have local representation in more
than 55 places spread across the region. All four companies are also members of the international
career network Arbora Global, which is a collaboration between 30 career firms across 5

Further information, please contact:
Sweden: CEO Klaes Ekmark, Aventus – tel +46 070-444 08 84 or
Visit Arbora Sweden>> abora-nordic-hr-assistance-across-borders/ (
Denmark: CEO Morten Ballisager, Konsulenthuset Ballisager – tel +45 30 63 17 30 or
Visit Arbora Denmark>> Arbora Nordic – HR-assistance internationally | ballisager
Norway: CEO Tone Odvold, HR -huset – tel +47 982 23 053 or
Visit Arbora Norway>> About HR-huset – HR-huset (
Finland: Founding partner Staffan Kurtén, HRM Partners – tel +358 400 414 114 or
Visit Arbora Finland>> Home – HRM Partners

Photo by Rolands Varsbergs on Unsplash

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