Coaching – A Tool for Successful Leadership

By Profil d.o.o., Slovenia (Western Balkans)

Do you feel your employees aren’t sufficiently motivated to complete their tasks?

Could the whole team increase their performance and productivity?

Would you like to reach the desired results and meet the team’s objectives more quickly?

If you’ve answered at least one of the questions with an enthusiastic “Yes”, then we have an excellent solution for you!

An essential method for reaching your objectives is integrating coaching into your work processes.

What is coaching?

Coaching is an interactive process between the coach and the individual (or a group of people) that encourages individuals to broaden their abilities and work on their personal growth. This is done through conversation, guidance, and a variety of techniques and tasks, which change individuals’ behavioural patterns so they can achieve greater efficiency and personal success. In addition, the coach supports the individual with goal-oriented questions, which include setting appropriate goals and finding optimal strategies that lead to their realization.

What are the main goals of coaching?

The main goal of coaching is to empower the individual with knowledge, techniques, and different behaviours that will help him to strengthen his performance in the areas in which he wants to progress and grow.

Research shows that coaching is the most successful in increasing personal and work performance, strengthening motivation, effectively establishing work-life balance, optimizing the decision-making processes, and effectively introducing changes in management. It is also widely used for stress management, and better self-reflection and self-knowledge.

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is intended for anyone who would like to grow, both personally and professionally. Most often, coaching is attended by individuals who want to:

• set and achieve goals more effectively

• make decisions faster

• strengthen their self-esteem

• be more effective in interpersonal relationships

• strengthen their stress management skills

• strengthen their leadership skills

• understand themselves.

However, coaching can be even more appropriate for leaders who want to develop their leadership skills and styles.

How can coaching be beneficial for me, as a leader, and for my team?

As a leader, you can attend the coaching process on three levels:

  • Level 1 includes participating in your coaching process, where you gain insight into your advantages and things to improve in terms of your leadership skills and work in general. The coach can then equip you with some of the key methods and activities that can help you improve your skills.
  • Level 2 includes going to different seminars and taking coaching courses, where you get insight into how coaching works in a work environment, what kind of coaching techniques you can use as a leader, and how to apply those techniques. You learn how to adopt some of the coaching methods, which were used by your coach on Level 1, as a part of your leadership style.
  • Level 3 then includes applying your new coaching knowledge to your leadership style. There are many different ways you can use those techniques, depending on the characteristics of your team. Some of the leading examples are:
    • working with your employees on different ideas – not just dictate orders,
    • not punishing failure but embracing and acknowledging it for further learning,
    • developing your employees with a strength-based approach – building their work from their strengths,
    • demonstrating genuine concern for your team,
    • practicing active listening, and
    • asking the right questions.

If you’d like to improve your leadership and your team’s productivity by applying a coaching mentality to your workplace, you can always contact our consultants at PROFIL d.o.o. ( or We provide tailor-made coaching for each individual. The program is designed holistically and includes a practical approach that enables the individual to achieve the desired results quickly. It includes various psychological (cognitive-behavioural) approaches, neurolinguistic programming, and visualization techniques that are performed by the individual both during coaching and at home. Our main goal is to equip the individual with knowledge and techniques that will benefit him throughout his career and life.

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