LaaS – Leadership as a Service is a modern leadership system developed by the software house Vincit. It helps companies to identify and provide leadership services that are important for their employees. Furthermore, it helps employees to develop themselves and their skills through self-management. Shared leadership means changes to operating models and leadership within organisations. When putting shared leadership into practice, HRM Partners is an expert in helping to complete the process successfully.

Microsoft launched the extensive Polku (path) support programme after the termination of its mobile phone business. As a result of career coaching and training, over 80 per cent of the employees who lost their jobs are now re-employed.

PAUL HENG, SINGAPORE - Tue, Oct 03, Business Times

"PAUL, please do not introduce your job search candidates to us, they are tainted goods". These words came through an e-mail from a Hong Kong- based headhunter that works with a top tier international search firm about 18 years ago.

I had written to him to introduce the profile of a job search client of mine whose most recent employer had made his job redundant. By the way, there were no financial obligations involved then - it was simply my way of helping my clients in their efforts to find their next employer.

Conversations about psychometric assessments often carry a negative association for all parties.  Organisations may view it as an additional cost, managers are sceptical, and it is another element in a process.  For a participant the term may send shivers down their spine based either on it being an unknown or, from past experience, something they would rather forget.

Acknowledging psychometric assessments have a range of purposes across career development and transition, team building, leadership development, hiring decisions, role capability design; the main focus for this article is selection.  Exploring a few protocols and communication steps to provide transparency will enable both organisation and participant to maximise the value of their time and monetary investment. 

DHL global forwarding350The future of logistics company DHL Global Forwarding Finland Oy (DGF) is now looking brighter, after some changes. DGF carried out structural changes and cooperation negotiations last year and is now in a better position to face competition in its industry. The company is growing again.

Veli-Matti Qvintus started as the company’s Managing Director in April 2015 and soon realised that the company he had known for quite some time was now facing major changes. Qvintus had worked at DGF from 2001 to 2009, when the company was making a good profit and the employees were more motivated.

Last year, the situation was different.

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