The absolute reference for talent Evolution, Performance and Transition in Western Switzerland and beyond

Founded in 1993, Von Rohr & Associates has achieved a track record as one of the Swiss leaders in its market for career development and transition, coaching and change management. Partnering with organizations, teams and individuals to foster effectiveness, leadership impact and career ownership.

Von Rohr & Associates is recognized for its pragmatic, engaging and caring approach in addressing corporate and human challenges. Your partner to align career and life cycles with market challenges

Von Rohr & Associates provides solutions and services within the following areas

✔ Individual Evolution – to select, integrate and mobilize talent
✔ Individual and Organizational Performance – to secure leadership and team alignment, impact and performance
✔ Transition - for talent sustainability across change cycles

The Von Rohr & Associates brand

Von Rohr & Associates addresses the most essential and intrinsic dimensions of an individual to foster self-fulfillment in the professional ecosystem. Its philosophy favors a genuine partnership between organizations, teams and individuals to ensure an optimal match with their respective evolution cycles for their mutual and long-term benefit. Von Rohr & Associates has developed a unique and modular approach, Career Life-Cycle Management® to favor a holistic, highly individualized and bespoke approach to talent evolution, performance and transition.

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