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Outplacement in the media usually focuses on the benefit it brings to employees. The benefit is easily proven through clients’ feedback which tends to include two major aspects: landing or success rate and process evaluation.

It is, however, far more difficult to prove the economic benefit outplacement contributes as equally qualified groups would have to be observed in the transition situation and their decision as to whether they make use of outplacement services or not.

Another aspect to be considered in the assessment of outplacement consulting is the reason why employers contract outplacement providers. The Outplacement Division of the BDU (Association of German Consulting Firms) conducted a survey among more than 600 HR decision makers in Germany. 16.5% participated in the survey and provided comprehensive feedback.

What if the codes that lead to success were changing? Do today’s leaders have the same profile as the leaders of GenY? Perhaps not!

Management patterns are influenced by the inevitable transformation of most corporate companies, digital or not. Now, we’re entering the CO-era: CO-llaborative, CO-construction, CO-working, CO-llective intelligence. And the discussion of well-being rather than psychosocial risks is becoming more and more relevant within HR departments. More and more companies are concerned about their latest Great Place to Work ranking so that they can convey a more positive image.

Evolution of the Outplacement Industry

The world has changed quite a fair bit since the last time I took a look.   The way businesses are conducted these days have also changed, compared to say a decade ago.   Here in Singapore, cab booking and grocery shopping are just two examples.  Almost everyone knows about the likes of Grabtaxi, Uber, and RedMart.  Not only do they know about it, many have embraced these latest avenues of booking a taxi and shopping for groceries and our personal needs on-line.
The outplacement industry has not been spared from the changes, which continue abounded.



people magnet

Imagine….  A business with a strong, adaptable talent base to deliver effectively to organisational outcomes.  A reputation in the market as an employer of choice and target employment destination for talent.  Cost-effective appointments through direct candidate approaches, introductions and referrals.   First referral of new talent to the market and optimum brand presentation through external talent partnering.  Continuing advocacy of the business from former employees, promoting and strengthening the brand and market reputation.


Business Times, Dec 1,2015

Taking good care of staff – even when parting company

THE writing is on the wall. For the rest of this year, at least, businesses will continue to face challenges, and right-sizing or cost-management measures, whatever term one chooses to use, will be initiated. There will be job redundancies, and more will join the ranks of the unemployed. For many, it could very well mean losing their only source of livelihood that feeds the family and pays the mortgages.

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